Carden is a total curriculum of music, art, French, math, history, geography, computers, physical education as well as reading and language arts. These subjects are all integrated into the curriculum every day. Carden children read for you in kindergarten. But long before this they had pre-teaching of first, last, before, after, vocabulary and listening techniques in our amazing preschool. Students are taught to think. Learning is first, a mental approach.

We do not have report cards in kindergarten. Your child is the report. He should be coming home with increased vocabulary. If there is a problem, we call you. We try to set up a telephone conference first.  You may call anytime you have a question. There are scheduled parent visitations in October and March but you’re welcome to visit anytime.

Children are tested every year and you get a copy of test results. Results from testing are just one indication of measurement in how students are doing in school. Parent conferences are held as needed and scheduled in the Fall and Spring. Children are here to be taught. We will build on your foundation at home.

Look at this example of a YouTube series I am developing:

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